Welcome to CG Cosmetic Surgery, the #1 plastic surgery center in all of southern Florida.

We pride ourselves in our exceptional service and customer satisfaction rate.

A plastic surgery facility has never delivered such life changing results to patients. Whether you require plastic surgery for medical reasons or desire to boost confidence and esteem, CG Cosmetic Surgery is the facility for you.

Our modern facility contains four consultation rooms, three operation rooms, several follow up rooms, and an overnight room to make up the beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. Here, patients will feel comfortable both during and after their surgeries. Patients will receive comprehensive care both physical and mental prior to their procedure in order to prepare for the big change. We’ll be right there to go on the journey with you!

In addition to our superior service in plastics, we also offer an exceptional team of experienced board-certified surgeons to perform all of our procedures. Every one of our surgeons has had extensive experience in plastics while boasting high levels of customer satisfaction. You can expect to receive the best results at CG Cosmetic Surgery at the most affordable prices. The medical facility offers a wide range of services, including tummy tuck, liposuction, nose jobs, butt lifts, facial plastic surgery, or Botox, and more. We offer two options for our breast enlargement services, patients can choose between silicone or saline breast implants. Our breast implants and augmentation patients are free to discuss personal preferences with our doctors and explore different options as well as obtain professional medical direction.

We also offer free consultation services to all of our clients. Are you nervous or worried about particular procedures? No problem. Meet with one of our professional plastic surgery surgeons for a free consultation to discuss any questions you may have about your surgery or desired procedure. We hope to deliver you only life changing results that meet your expectations.